Committee Charter & Governance Documents

Our Audit Committee of our Board of Directors is comprised of Mr. William Allen (Chairman) and Mr. David Bruen. Our Board has determined that Mr. Allen qualifies as an audit committee financial expert, as defined by the regulations of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All of the members of the Audit Committee are “independent” within the meaning of our Director of independence standards and the audit committee requirements of the SEC. The audit committee charter is available here.

The Compensation Committee is responsible for establishing our compensation strategies and goals for our executive officers and executive level employees. The Compensation Committee operates pursuant to a written charter which our Board adopted in 2005, and is comprised of Ms. Shirley Bullard, Chair and Mr. Sumner Rollings. The role of the Compensation Committee is to oversee NetREIT’s compensation to our directors and executive officers, as well as the oversight for plans that cover NetREIT’s employees, and operates under a charter.

The Nominating & Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for indentifying qualified individuals for members on the Board of Directors, recommending to the Board nominees for the next annual meeting of shareholders, developing and recommending a set of Corporate Governance guidelines, and providing oversight of the Corporate Governance affairs of the Board and the Company. The Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee is comprised of Mr. Sumner Rollings (Chairman), Mr. Tom Schwartz, and Ms. Shirley Bullard. All the members of the Nominating/Corporate Governance Committee are “independent” within the meaning of our Director independence standards, as described above, and the Audit Committee requirements of the SEC. A copy of the charter is available here.